The video above shows NHH employees from today recreating a well-known photograph of the first volunteers and their van from the 1960s.

50 years of volunteering

Volunteers have played an essential role throughout the history of Notting Hill Housing (NHH). In the early years when it was difficult to get enough public funding, their contributions helped NHH stay in business by keeping costs down in renovating properties and running charity shops.

Our long history of volunteering is something that has inspired those who work with and for NHH today. The generosity of our sponsors meant that this year we were able to buy an essential Volunteer Network van, taking volunteers and their materials to the people and places that need them.

Similarly inspired, NHH employees decided to recreate the well-known photograph of the first volunteers and their van from the 1960s. Housing Manager Emily Dunsire explains: “We wanted to do this to show that we are proud of NHH history and that while NHH has expanded and changed as a charity, we believe we still hold the same values as those who worked for NHH 50 years ago.”

At our 50th Anniversary Resident and Volunteer Awards on 30 September 2013, NHH recognised the achievements of the people who make it all happen: its volunteers. Rowan O’Malley, who won the Outstanding Volunteer Contribution award, recently helped paint an elderly couple’s home, leaving them absolutely delighted. He said: “I feel very proud to receive this award. I wanted to help towards something and in doing so, I’ve also helped my career prospects. I would like to thank NHH for the support and opportunity.”

Today, Notting Hill Housing’s Volunteer Network is still going strong with more than 200 active volunteers, volunteering across our London homes. They help with a range of tasks including practical help for the elderly and disabled, running activities, and befriending. We also have strong links with corporate partners who offer ‘Do in a day’ volunteering and more long term partnership programmes.