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Meet Linde Carr

Linde Carr is a Notting Hill Housing resident, has been a member of the Group Board since September 2012 and enjoyed a 25 year career as a local government officer. Before that, she started off as a fashion designer in the 1970s and we met at her lovely Notting Hill Housing flat to talk about it.

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Meet Stephanie Woods

Stephanie Woods joined Notting Hill Housing in December 1970 as Secretary to the Projects Manager. She worked for NHH for eight years, and was Area Housing Manager by the time she left in 1978. Here she describes the significant role NHH played in her life – setting the stage to meet her future husband and even host their wedding party!

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Meet Trisha Shirt

Trisha Shirt started working for Notting Hill Housing Trust in October 1973 and retired in 2006. Over three decades, she saw NHHT go from a fundraising stall in Portobello market to a 19,000-unit behemoth with more than 700 staff. Here she shares some of her experiences and memories during her time at NHHT.

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