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Introducing the 50:50 campaign

Over the last 50 years we’ve provided urgent support to families, without this, many would not be able to get by in emergencies. This year is our most ambitious yet because more families than ever are experiencing hardship with some struggling to afford basic necessities.   We’re aiming to raise £150,000 for our Emergency Hardship Fund via three separate fundraisers – the London Marathon, London to Paris Bike Ride and our 50:50 campaign. Read on to see how this fund has already made a difference to a resident.

Meet Jack:

Jack’s family live on a particularly low income, his family is already finding it hard to pay the bills and they’re worrying about the increasing cost of living.

It’s winter and heating bills are really putting a strain on the family’s budget. Their 10 year old fridge is badly outdated and it finally stops. Living on the top floor adds to the cost of delivery and installation, but there’s no way Jack can pay – he’s been rejected in applying for a credit card.

Jack calls Notting Hill Housing, and we’re able to purchase a new fridge for him, and help out with some of the extra costs to get him through the winter.

There are hundreds of families like Jack’s who receive urgent support from our Emergency Hardship Fund.

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