Terry Attewell talks about our temporary housing service

Terry Attewell has been working for Notting Hill Housing (NHH) for 25 years and features in our 50th Anniversary book, 50 Years of Innovation.  Today he works as a Surveying and Contracts Manager for our temporary housing service, also known as Home Options. Here he talks about the service and how it has changed over the years.

“I joined NHH IN 1989 as an Assistant Manager for Home Options. In those days it was called ‘Short Stay’.

Helping those who need homes urgently

The service provided by Home Options is for those in most urgent need of housing. They stay with us until we can move them into the social housing side of the business (permanent rented housing). It can often take years for local authorities to allocate housing so they can be customers for a long time.

Sometimes it’s victims of domestic violence, homeless families, those who have been served antisocial behaviour orders and people who are suffering with mental health problems. We’ve been providing this kind of service since the 1980s.

Working with landlords

I remember that acquiring properties back in the 80s was easier because of the housing crash. There was a huge supply of good quality empty flats and there were plenty of landlords wanting them to fill them. Now however, it’s much harder.

Thirty years ago, landlords were people like you and me who had spare money to rent. These days it’s generally big business, with landlords owning huge portfolios looking to maximise their income.  But we never compromise on our quality of housing.

Housing officers are at the heart of our service

One of the best things in recent years is our housing officers. It’s hard to be everywhere at once so it’s great to have housing officers out there seeing tenants face-to-face. They know them very well and can talk to them very well about every aspect of their tenancy. This means housing officers can focus on providing a good day-to-day service.”

Read Terry’s full story in our 50th anniversary book,  50 years of Innovation.